Recap of the “Second Lives” event

7 08 2006

Today I was attending the “Second Lives” event at Avalon, which is a screening of 4 short documentary films about 4 people living in Second Life. It’s about what they do in there and why they are doing it.

So we are just about to watch the movies again (each one is some minutes long) and they are great movies. They really capture the atmosphere of Second Life and these people behind the avatars very well. Lots of people showed up (including those shown in the movies).

We heard from Zafu Diamond (found of the Support For Healing Island) about his use of Second Life for supporting people, from Errol Mysterio about why people are drawn towards virtual worlds, Fallingwater Cellardoor talks about her business and how she found her husband via Second Life and finally Arahan Claveau talks about photographing in Second Life as well as his ideas about uploading his mind into a computer when he dies.

Make sure to watch it if you have missed the event, they will still be available for some weeks on Avalon. Also check out the cinema which gives a nice widescreen cinema feeling 🙂

Here some photos:

Crowd at the screening of Second LivesZafu Diamond
Fallingwater CellardoorErrol Mysterio
Eddie EscherArahan Claveau

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2 responses

8 08 2006

Wow this looks fabulous, is there anywhere I can see it in world still do you know? 🙂

8 08 2006

Yes, on “Avalon” island.

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