Bits and Pieces

7 08 2006

Another installation of Bits and Pieces is here 🙂

Not that much though as last time, so here’s the list

  • Today at 12pm SLT (which is 9pm my time or 8pm UK time) a screening of a short documentary film series called Second Lives will be held on the Avalon Island (I think) in Second Life. It was produced by UK’s channel 4 in cooperation with Rivers Run Red.

As an unrelated note: If you dig DJs scratching Vinyl you might wanna checkout my latest video over at my RL video blog.

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2 responses

8 08 2006
Prokofy Neva

Say, dude, you left my blog Second Thoughts out of your blog list. could you add it?

I’m glad you made an alphabetical list. It’s SO frustrating finding blogs on Pathfinder’s official generated list on the official website because it always has the same ones on top, whichever ones were recently saved, and some people just make sure theirs get saved and float up top again, I guess — I can’t figure it out — can you?

I wonder if you could take a look at this issue and get the Lindens also to make an alphabetical list, by avatar name and/or by blog name, to make it easier to find.

10 08 2006

You have been added in the meanwhile.
As for the Lindens I doubt that they will make an alphabetical list just because I tell them. And seems unfortunately a little limited in the way it can sort (but it was meant for links anyway and probably an alphabetical list wouldn’t make much sense to them).

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