The Infinite Mind (Updated)

6 08 2006

Yesterday night (for me) the second show of the SL version of The Infinite Mind has been taped and held live inside Second Life. Guest this time was John Maeda. As the stage at the Vega event was a bit empty (and unfortunately the stools have been moved after I did setup my camera angles and thus I had to improvise a bit) I thought about improving it a bit and thus Shukran Fahid came up with this:

Stage set

So I used my TT Lounge Chairs and adjusted them a bit, Shukran added some carpet and finally I did some simple backdrops (low-lag ones ;-). I’ve also put my head movement animations into the chairs so that the head at least moves a bit as if they were talking although lips aren’t of course. So here is how it looked during the event:

John Maeda interviewed by John Hockenberry for The Infinite Mind Radio show

The interview itself was again interesting but apparently it was Maeda, too, hasn’t really visited SL before that much. I hope though he does more after that event as it might be of use for both sides.

The most interesting part about this whole “The Infinite Mind” thing is though that they themselves plan a lot in Second Life. John Hockenberry (who actually also has a video blog). First of all who don’t know the Infinite Mind: It’s a national weekly 1 hour Radio program (national means US of course) being on the air for 9 years. It covers the human mind, brain and behaviour.

According to him the sim will be used for the community to listen, discuss and get in contact with the producers of The Infinite Mind. So they want discussion and residents might even be part in the planning of shows. So I am looking forward to what they gonna do there.

Ok, enough talk. The video of Suzanne Vega is finished and here it is:

Watch the Video

Update Aug 7, 2006: Robbie Dingo released his video of “The Queen and The Soldier” which can be found here.

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5 responses

7 08 2006
Torley Linden

Thanks a lot for this recap.

Presumably you have already let The Infinite Mind team know you put this up? Okay I will anyway… it’s a good redundancy.

I didn’t see it on their blog… yet… just wondering.

Thanks also for being such a gap-filler. Noone else is providing coverage for these types of things like you do, so I am happy you are.

7 08 2006

Yes, actually I’ve sent it to them and they did put it up. The link on their site/blog will probably be done by today, Monday.

And you’re welcome regarding the gap-filling part 🙂

10 08 2006

amazing job on the suzanne vega video, Tao!

11 08 2006

thanks, Thea 🙂

26 08 2006
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