Busy Day with Community Meetings, Parties and Suzanne Vega

4 08 2006

Yesterday has been quite some busy day for me as such a lot of stuff was going on. Let me wrap it up a little bit. I will go into more detail in later posts.

Community Roundtable Meeting

This was the first to happen at 9am. Not that much people seem want to attend at that time and so it was sort of a cozy little round although more people were coming in later. The process was (despite my hope they reversed it) again a closed group thing, so first come, first serve, which I somehow dislike.. Does not fit SL IMHO and the internet in general.
Topics discussed were

  • How can we improve Quality Assurance (QA) and esp. Preview. Nice ideas did come up like having a beta grid where people can really live and e.g. can buy land for reduced tier fees.
  • How can communication get better between LL and residents. Apparently there are many channels used right now but it is some sort of scattered around them and none have all the information. It is expected that the Linden Lab Blog will play that role in the future. Other ideas were some newsticker in the client where LL can post news bits and such. Additionally one idea was to enhance Linden Radio by having some news bits put in the stream.
  • I was coming up with the topic of the Cristiano suspension resulting in some discussion about the abuse report system. I am not really happy with the system as it’s highly intransparent but that’s stuff for another post. Additional suggestions have been to enhance the Police Blotter page so people can check better what has happened to their reports (like search for a certain sim).
  • The report discussion led also to some discussion about privacy. And here it’s a bit twofold as on the one side Linden Lab has access to all chat logs but otoh they don’t want to reveal any information about certain abuse reports because of privacy issues involved.. But again this is another post.

All in all it was a cool meeting although it left me with a strange feeling about “Linden justice” and Privacy issues.

SL Insider Launch Party

After that meeting I did some building and coding and then went to the SLInsider launch party. It was quite a nice crowd there and Trinity Serpentine was DJing.. A fun event and we should do more of these (like a party for each new post 😉 ).

Suzanne Vega and The Infinite Mind

Then late in the night (for me) I was attending the interview and concert with Suzanne Vega on The Infinite Mind. I was invited by Boliver Oddfellow of Infinite Vision Media to do the filming of the event and thus I had a reason to stay up til 4am 😉
The event itself was quite nice and it is really nice to see that the Infinite Mind want to do stuff regularly in Second Life. Of course lots of Vega fans have been around (actually everybody had that title as they all needed to be in that group 😉 ) and were having lots of fun. And while this is of course more of an marketing event of some sort for her and The Infinite Mind (I actually didn’t know it before, so it worked) and thus it’s not really SL related (at least for her as I doubt that she will explore SL on her own from now but I might be wrong) it is still very cool that the audience can get that close to her and also ask questions. This is something which probably wouldn’t be possible otherwise but SL makes it reality 🙂
But it is great to see a media company entering the realms for virtual worlds and doing stuff in here. John Hockenberry, the host of the show, seemed quite excited by that 🙂

And this was only the first event of some in a row. Upcoming is tonight at 5pm John Maeda of MIT Media Lab and on Monday and Tuesday you can meet Howard Rheingold and Kurt Vonnegut. Get all the information here. Filming will then be done by moo Money and Ill Bixby of the ILL Clan (who do Tra5hTa1k).

BTW, 30 mins after the show Philip Linden appeared 😉 Apparently he was stuck in traffic and was then asking me and moo about how it was and whether Suzanne Vega liked it and so on.. Besides that he appeared to be quite stressed (take a vacation! 🙂 ).

Well, that was my day. Besides SL I actually also did some RL work, believe it or not 🙂

Photos will be added to this post later, for now I need to do the editing of the video.

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4 08 2006
Second Life Podcast » Blog Archive » Susan Vega in Second Life

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4 08 2006
Akela Talamasca

Tao, it was a pleasure and a privilege to have had you at the party! Feel free to drop in to say hi anytime, and I’ll set up our interview sometime soon!

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