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1 08 2006

Just what comes to mind:

  • James Wagner Au, also known as Hamlet Au within Second Life who’s writing on Second Life over at New World Notes has been hired by GigaOm (a broadband weblog by Om Malik). He’s supposed to write about Gaming there (and probably mostly about Second Life. and btw, he’s also known for having about 6-7 posts about Julian Dibbell signing his book in Second Life. While this is nice that this has happened I also think that he’s overdoing it a little bit here (and apparently for a reason)).
  • Spin Martin, Eggy Lippmann and I have been skypeing up yesterday to plan and test things for another episode of Late Night with Eggy Lippmann. Spin will do the audio tech and I will again be doing the video production. Additonally I will create some tools (like HUDs) for avoiding the Zombie-look of people doing audio in Second Life.
  • While being on the phone with each other and having a beta user with us (Eggy) we assumed that back then in beta the main activity was to chop off forests and produce plywood cubes out of these trees which are nowadays the building blocks of our world (until they run out of course). Additionally we were trying to stack people without success until Eggy revealed the secret ingredient.
  • The Movie Trailer contest is still going on and the deadline is approaching on August, 10 (and will be shown at the SLCC). So if you planned to participate but forgot about it here’s the reminder! By winning the contest you will receive L$100,000 and for winning one of the categories it will be L$50,000. More information over here.
  • Tomorrow is update day. Version 1.11.2 (I think, no announcement yet) will be deployed. It’s available for testing on the preview grid and everybody should go there now instead of complaining about bugs afterwards (and knowing now already that this update will suck). Release notes to be found here.
  • The Second Life Community Convention (SLCC) will be held from August 18-20 in San Francisco and if you want to join you should register at that site probably very soon.
  • The first issue of SLBusiness is out. First impression without looking inside: It is PDF based (uuhh 😦 ) and getting that PDF from the front page involves several clicks. Good might be that there are two versions of the PDF out which are different formatted. So you might choose according your taste. Hadn’t had a chance yet to look inside but I will do on my train ride back and will give you some little report on that. But so far handling at least could be somewhat improved (make it a blog so I can aggregate it to !).

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4 responses

1 08 2006
Ordinal Malaprop

*WHY* do people insist on publishing these things as PDF? It is just so absolutely inappropriate. Nothing says “old media” better than reliance on printed document format and layout.

1 08 2006

Actually I tried to read it on my laptop but I failed as I needed to zoom in and out all the time to be either able to read the text or having an overview over the layout. So I stopped after 2 pages and will wait for a (for me) readable version which does not involve printing it.
Same usually goes for Metaverse Messanger btw plus that I don’t notice when new editions come out.

I have nothing against an additional PDF version for printing actually but first of all it should be readable on a monitor IMHO and print layout is not really made for this.

2 08 2006

Ok, I now looked at the 1P version of the PDF and this looks better to read. Still I would like some blog better as it’s still more easily readable (and does not involve downloading, opening up other applications, having RSS as means of updates and so on).

So maybe on the next train ride I will have some time to look over it.

3 08 2006
Jeremy Vaught

I read it and enjoyed it, but honestly, I had to print it out. I tried to read it on my screen, but it just caused agitation. Not terrible, but certainly not optimal.

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