The Relay For Life Auction is still going on until noon! (Updated)

23 07 2006

So if you haven’t been there, then come and bid!

Great prizes, like a Dominus Shadow Senecio II, 8 hours of custom building by Cory Edo or a 3D print model of your avatar from Eyebeam OpenLab (this get’s shipped to you)! All money goes to the American Cancer Society to fight Cancer!

So come over and bid!

Here’s the LM for the Auction.


The auction just closed and here are the highlights:

L$400,000 for the Dominus Shadow Senecio II (US$ 1320)
L$100,000 for 8 hours of work by Cory Edo (who said she will add another 8 for that money) (US$ 330)
L$50,100 for the 3d print model of your avatar (US$165)
L$55,000 for Second Life hoodie (a RL one) (US$181)
L$100,100 for a Dazzle Haute Couture Gown (US$ 330)
L$60,000 for a custom hair design by Panache (US$ 200)

and this is only the stuff for over L$50,000. There was lots more and the final results are posted in the forums (you need to login to access it).

Congrats to all the winners for their prizes and for donating that much money for the fight against cancer!

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