Relay For Life Stats

23 07 2006

The opening ceremonies are on and I will post some photos shortly but here are some results already.

Altogether an amount of over US$ 38,000 has been raised while still some money will come in. This is a huge success after last year’s US$ 6,000. And for this year the ACS was estimating US$ 8,000 while Jade was thinking about US$10,000. It’s great to see that it has been much more in the end and it also shows that fundraising money in virtual worlds is a way to go!

Team Statistics

1. Pixels in Pink with L$3,747,363
2. Relay Ladies with L$1,766,663
3. The Dysfunctional Fundraisers with L$856,039

Lap statistics

People walking: 925
Laps made: 1217
Distance:  4,943,732 meters

Congrats to everybody involved for getting this amount out if it! Let’s hope for even more next year! 🙂

(I will update the post as new numbers will come out)

PS: The sims will go down soon is what I’ve heard, so make sure to visit them today. And isn’t this quite sad? All those work will be gone.. and imagine how cool they would be to use for movies…

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24 07 2006
The Click Heard Round the World

Virtual Relay for Life nets $38,000!…

Tao Takashi is reports on his blog that this year’s Second Life Relay for Life benefit for the American Cancer Society raised more than $38,000 this weekend! That’s a tremendous increase from the $6,000 raised last year! I was super…

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