Berlin, Berlin

19 07 2006

When you look around in the world and Second Life seems to be no difference there the only part of german culture which is spread quite widely is the bavarian culture. I wonder why it is the case but maybe it’s because it’s a culture which is quite recognizable and thus “sellable” but who knows.

But Germany has more than Bavaria of course and as I wanted to build some stuff again anyway I tried to build the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. I did not put that much work into it and it’s more or less a sketch but here it is:

Brandenburger Tor #1

Missing here are many details as the sculpture on top and a lot of textures. And I probably would need some help with at least the sculpture as I am not really a sculpture artist in RL or in SL. So any help is appreciated, here’s how it needs to look like:

And now it’s Berlin and we do know about the not so long ago past when this city was divided by a wall. So actually this build needed to look like this:

Brandenburger Tor how it used to be

And here’s maybe some opportunity for Second Life. In the real Berlin the wall was torn off rather quickly. And rather complete. IMHO this is a shame as many tourists coming to Berlin might want to see what is was to live in a divided city or at least see where the wall was. Right now this is marked by some signs in the street but that’s nothing from what you can imagine how it once was. So keeping at least a small part of the wall in a prominent place like around the Brandenburg Gate would have been helpful I think. After all it was a very symbolic sign of the cold war for quite some time (of course I also understand that it needed to go away after the downfall of it, so it’s difficult).

Palast der Republik

The same happened basically to the Palast der Republik which was symbolic for the government in east germany. It was standing on the place where once the City Castle was standing (which they have torn off back then) and there are plans now to rebuild it. So the Palast was in the way and now it’s gone as well. But neither is clear if there will be enough money to rebuild the castle (and if it makes sense at all) and moreover it might have been good to have some sort of museum about this time in Germany’s history and the Palast der Republik might have been the right choice for that.

Virtual Museum?

But anyway. Right now we have Second Life and I wonder if it might be interesting to rebuild such things in order for people to get a feel how it maybe is to live in a divided city. Or similar things. It could be some sort of virtual musem.

PS: If somebody wants to help me with the Gate then please do contact me 🙂 Help would esp. be appreciated for the sculpture on top.
PPS: Can be seen on Theta

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