when There.com users encounter the flickr NIPSA rules..

16 07 2006

So I just stumbled upon this thread on flickr central. It is again the issue about accounts being marked as NIPSA when they contain photographs from virtual worlds such as Second Life and There (I reported it back then here, here and here and Wired did as well). This time it’s a There user who is complaining and fighting the forum (you in Second Life know how forums are, don’t you?).

So when will they finally change their policy?

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18 07 2006

Hey, that was my thread!

I just don’t get it. It’s like they are totally freaking clueless, they simply don’t understand my reasoning for complaining. I went to Flickr to share my experiences with everyone and I don’t appreciate those expereinces being hidden.

People these days…


18 07 2006

It’s just that they don’t want understand 😉
This is the normal forum stuff which is going on there. But they are not the ones to decide anyway (and besides it’s only a very small fraction of the flickr userbase anyway).
Although it does not really look better on flickr’s side. They say something is planned but don’t give any dates.

But it’s good anyway to raise this topic here and there again by different people so flickr sees that there is demand.

So thanks for doing that 🙂

19 07 2006

I suppose they don’t want to understand. I think “non-photos” would add more depth and diversity to the site. It’d open new doors and add more possibility which are good things, not bad. I have heard that something is planned but it is just seperating everything into different groups. Thats all and it is still like blocking everyone from seeing the so called “non-photos” and screen shots.

Even now Flickr staff doesn’t get it.

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