Relay For Life Introduction and Video (UPDATED)

16 07 2006

Some weeks ago I heard the first time about a thing called the Relay For Life and it’s Second Life part. Back then I did not know anything about it and it seemed very hard for me to find any information about the SL part online. Thus I kept asking people and now I know and I think it’s time to write it down for all the other people out there who wonder what it is.

What is the Relay For Life

The Relay For Life (RFL) is an annual event held by the American Cancer Society for raising awareness and money for the fight against cancer. The main idea behind it is “to have members of teams continuously walking, running or rolling around
a track for 12 or 24 hours, to honor those who are surviving cancer, those who have died from it, and the efforts of all who fight it”.

And last year and this year the same event is held in the virtual world of Second Life, organized by Jade Lily.

Relay For Life in Second Life

In Second Life there will also be teams competing in a friendly manner to do the most fundraising. They are holding their own events  (I reported about the Dominus auction) before the main RFL event in order to raise money and they are placing RFL donation kiosks all over Second Life to which you can donate.

At the main event their job is it to run around a track which is layed out on 12 sims for 24 hours. People (YOU!) are supposed to come there and cheer them and to donate money in the luminaires which are placed around the whole track. Residents from all over Second Life are busy right now to fill the 12 sims with buildings representing the whole world. Moreover there will be concerts and other events (more details will be posted later) during that day so make sure you attend and have some fun!

And here’s that video I created as my contribution to the event: Watch the Video.

I just submitted it to the alt-zoom take5 festival and any prize money which might come out of it will go to the Relay For Life.

The video contains music by Ash Verjee, provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.

Update July, 22: There is another video now available announcing the start and containing more footage of the finished builds.

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8 responses

19 07 2006

Awesome. Simply awesome. You might also have your readers post any photos they take of the SLRFL to our Flickr Photo group. You can find it here:

Set Course for Relay!


19 07 2006

Thank you, David 🙂

I will add all the photos which I made after the SL event (as much as my free flickr account holds that is)

20 07 2006
23 07 2006

A great video of a great build for a great cause. Good stuff, Tao.

(Pity the grid is down now.)

– Rikomatic / Rik Riel

23 07 2006

Yeah, grid seems always to be down at the wrong times. I hope thought the sims will be up a little longer than tomorrow.

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