On my way back

9 07 2006

You might wonder “back from what?” or haven’t noticed that I was away but in fact I am on my way back from Geneva to Germany. It’s always nice to travel through Switzerland as it surely has some nice landscaping going on 🙂

EARTHWhat’s not so nice is that once you leave town bad things start to happen. On the one hand Germany is not in the finals and on the other hand Amanda Congdon left Rocketboom. While I can live with the first fact it feels harder to do with the latter as Rocketboom without Amanda will not be the same anymore (and I hope it was no arguing over money now that they finally got some).

Speaking of where I was: I was at the EuroPython conference at CERN (the place where the WWW was invented back then) which was a gathering of people programming in Python from all over Europe (and beyond). We had a nice keynote by Alan Kay about his work on the $100-computer and by Guido van Rossum (creator of Python) speaking about where Python is heading with Python 3000. We had 4 tracks full of talks as well as pre- and post-conference sprints (which I did not attend).

And I even met some people doing Second Life (or heard about one’s wife being active in the SL fashion industry and slowly growing her business).
He’s also well aware of all the drama going on in the forums and we both agreed on that it’s basically silly 😉
He even compared it with Zope (an application server written in Python) which was released as Open Source by Digital Creations (now Zope Corporation) and people telling them “Hey, you gave us this software for free and I am now building my business on top of that and thus you need to fix the following things immediately: ….”

So all in all a nice week and even more so as the new dev island Theta is now up and I have some land on there now. So a lot of fun and work waiting for me now that I am back.

BTW, find some photos from the conference here and my video of my arrival in Geneva here (as well as soon to publish Python videos although these just might only interesting for the Python audience of this blog (if there’s any ;-)).

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