Second Life Views

2 07 2006

So the first people attending views are back to talk to and here’s what we know so far:

  • Linden Lab might really not be that aware of what bugs people (like the 255-char limit on llGetNotecardLine)
  • They had only 1 hours per topic which was thought of being quite short
  • They were not allowed to take photos of people (why not? shall the people who create our world be kept anonymous? Or is it some religious thing like no pictures of your god(s) ?)
  • The avatar enhancements (the most interesting part to me actually) needs to be secret for 1 month after we all should know about it. It’s supposed to look cool, though
  • The dev and QA team has grown according to them
  • We might see changes much faster now, two previews might be normal from now on

There’s also some photos on but as said, no people (so not really what we were hoping for).

(I actually would have walked with my video cam in there and tried to interview everybody for my vlog šŸ˜‰

I am also hoping that somebody of them will write down a little more on what has happened there.

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