Robert Scoble banned from Second Life

2 07 2006

So it seems that Linden Lab is actually enforcing rules. As Robert Scoble writes in his blog he has been banned from Second Life for allowing his son to use his account for building parts of his Second Life office. As he even did that on stage and a Linden Lab employee was around things went the way they went.
I am just wondering now if this is actually necessary as Patrick Scoble was under observation of his father and IIRC kids are also allowed to see non-PG movies when going with parents. Also the story is of course two-fold as LL will not really be able to catch other teens on the grid that easily (as they hardly do it publically with Linden Lab around). So this looks more like a press thing to me as they cannot leave that uncaught when it’s even done in front of their eyes.

So I hope for them to be allowed in again as a life without a second life is no fun of course 😉

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