Two new previews are open for testing now! (Updated)

30 06 2006

So check out the Second Life preview page (you need to login for that) and find two (!) new preview versions: 1.11 and 1.12

1.11 features new UI enhancements while 1.12 is all about big new features such as groups and land tools. I was testing 1.11 and what I noticed was that the new snapshot screen freezes the view which is maybe not good when doing it during some action. Also I noticed that it now says “Send (L$10)” when doing a “Send a postcard”. I am wondering now if either sending postcards suddenly costs L$10,- or it’s just a bug (I filed it as such). So we will see.

Here is the complete list of the release notes for both releases:

Release Notes for Second Life 1.11.0(0) June 29, 2006
* Zoomable UI
** The entire UI can be scaled (including in-world text, manipulators, etc) by a user-supplied scale value (Preferences->Graphics->UI Size)
** When running fullscreen, the additional option "Use resolution independent scale" should ensure that the UI looks the same at all resolutions
** Additionally, changing to a resolution with a different aspect ratio than your monitor's aspect ratio should not result in any squashing or stretching of your display
* Improved Snapshot functionality
** When taking a snapshot, the world will freeze in place and the snapshot will be previewed over the entire screen (but under UI elements)
** The camera tool will be active by default, allowing you to click and drag to move the camera around while objects/avatars/etc are frozen in place, without having to hold down ALT
** You can also change snapshot parameters (resolution, JPEG compression level) and the snapshot will update on the fly
** Any time the camera moves or a parameter is changed, the existing snapshot will "drop" away and be replaced by a new one
** You can also take snapshot of arbitrary resolution, up to 6000x6000
*** Be aware that the larger the snapshot is, the more system resources are needed to create it -- you can potentially run out of memory and crash if taking very large snapshots on a low-end system
* Eyedropper tool
** Added the ability to pick colors and textures from objects in view (and that you own) inside the color picker and texture picker
** When depressed, the button changes the mouse cursor and activates a "pipette" or "eyedropper" tool
** The user can then click on another object in world to grab the texture/color of the face that they clicked
* Gestural pie menus
** Pie menus now provide a gradually faded border when the right mouse button is down to suggest that you can use them by moving the mouse in a given direction, which is faster and easier than clicking on a pie wedge directly
** Also, pie sub-menus can be accessed with gestures, making it possible to chain gestures together to perform any operation in the pie menu by memory
* Tear-off menus
** Added ability to click on a double line at the top of any menu or sub-menu and pin it in place on the UI as a "floater"
** All of the menu items should still work, as well as branching menus, etc.
** Closing the floater will make it disappear
** Accessing a detached menu via it's parent menu will bring the floating menu to the foreground, but not reposition it

Other changes:
* Improved text field support for INSERT key

Bug fixes:
* Profile can now be viewed after searching for one Resident in the finder
* Preferences > Network > Clear Cache > Apply no longer starts parcel music stream

Release Notes for Second Life 1.12.0(1) June 28, 2006
* Support for Covenants
** Covenants may now be associated with Estates
** These documents detail land use rules and restrictions
** Available in About Land

* Estate Land Sales
** Estate owners/managers are now able to sell land to other Residents for L$
** "Allow Land Transfer" option in 'Region/Estate > General' tab enables Estate Owners and Managers to sell parcels, and buyers to resell them
*** Estate owners/managers may specify rules for land sale and usage in Covenants
*** Buyers of the land on private estates may be limited in their ability to re-sell land depending on settings determined by Estate owner/manager

* Group Enhancements
** Group limit per user increased from 15 to 25
** Group member minimum reduced from 3 to 2
** The group information user interface has been redesigned

* Group Notices
** Group notices can be created in the 'Group Information > Notices' tab
** Group notices can include an attachment
** Group notices are sent to all group members
** Members may opt to not receive these notices in the 'Group Information > General' tab
** Members can browse the last 30 days of notice history
** Members with IM to Email set will receive these notices offline

* Group Roles
** Groups can be configured using the 'Group Information > Members & Roles' tab
** A group is now composed of up to 10 user-configured Roles
** Residents may hold more than one Role in a group
** Each role can be configured to allow certain group Actions
** Each role gets its own title
** Members of a group are assigned to Roles to define the Actions they can perform in that group
** Group members are always a part of that group's 'Everyone' role
** Example:
*** Current groups have two Roles:  'Everyone' and 'Officer'
*** All group members can do Actions allowed by the 'Everyone' role, such as voting on proposals
*** Only group members assigned to the 'Officer' role can do Actions such as invite new members
** Groups now have a special role: 'Owner'
** 'Owners' have full control over the group, but cannot remove other 'Owners'
** Current groups will have members selected to be 'Owners' based on the first to match these rules:
*** 1) A founder in the group
*** 2) Officers with 512 or more sq. m. land contributed
*** 3) All officers
*** 4) Nobody (no 'Owner' role is created)

LSL changes:
* llGiveInventory works on group owned objects
* llGiveInventoryList works on group owned objects
* llRemoteLoadScriptPin works on group owned objects

Other changes:
* Group elections have been removed
* "Grant Modify Rights" has been changed to be more comprehensive
** You can now allow the person being granted rights greater freedom of modification
* The 'Run Scripts' checkbox has been split into 'Run Group Scripts' and 'Run Other Scripts'.
** A parcel with 'Run Other Scripts' will run all scripts.
** A parcel with 'Run Group Scripts' will run scripts on objects set to the same group that the parcel is set to.
* Group-owned objects that you have control over are now highlighted on the mini-map.

Bug fixes:
* llLoadURL now displays name of group in dialog, if used on a group owned object

Update, June 6, 2006: My bugreport was marked as “new known issue” (whatever that means.. is it new or known?). So guess it’s a bug and you don’t have to pay $10 per postcard.

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2 responses

1 07 2006
Torley Linden

Good catch re: L$10 postcards. I imagine I’d be broke soon if they cost–they’re currently free on AGNI. I’m asking for confirmation. 🙂

1 07 2006

Yes, please do! Otherwise Snapzilla actually should worry and we as well. flickr gone and snapzilla gone might not be cool.

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