PICNIC ’06: Cross Media Week to be held in Amsterdam

27 06 2006

On September 26-30 PICNIC’06 will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands and will feature lots of interesting speakers from the (multi)media/gaming/virtual world industry including Philip Rosedale, CEO of Linden Lab.

Quoting the website:

PICNIC ’06 is Amsterdam’s annual event for all those interested and involved in cross media content and technology in Europe, North America and Asia.

Under the theme “celebrating creative genius”, PICNIC ’06 will provide you with the opportunity to discuss major trends, see innovative content, formats and channels, and develop new opportunities.

PICNIC ’06 will focus on showcasing content delivered to consumers via TV, the Internet, mobile phones, gaming, virtual reality and music. From online and mobile games to interactive TV show formats, from multi-format brands to consumer-generated content, PICNIC ’06 will inspire you to explore the world of cross media.

Keynote speakers include

• Dr. Michael B. Johnson, Moving Picture Group Lead, Pixar Animation Studios
• John de Mol, Co-Founder of Endemol and Founder of Talpa
• Philip Rosedale, Founder of Linden Lab/Second Life
• Craig Newmark, Founder, craigslist.org
• Jamie Kantrowitz, Senior VP Marketing Europe, Myspace.com
• Esther Dyson, Editor at Large, CNET Networks, investor
• Dan Gillmor, Director, Center for Citizen Media, author of “We the Media”

While I don’t expect that much new to be heard from Philip for me personally it might be nice to attend nevertheless in order to experience some panels or some of the partner events like the Machinima Salon. Have a look at the program what else is in there.

Unfortunately it’s at a time where I might still be on vacation and registering early bird costs EUR 500,-.
So as I am not sure about my schedule and whether I am willing to spend that money on it I thought I let other people know who might look out for some cool event in Europe. And we even might meet afterwards and to a small SLNL (which actually would not need to be big, just choosing some place to meet and off you go). And doing some sort of mixed reality event from within that event might be cool, too (but some work).

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