After the birthday

27 06 2006

Celebration Dome So now it is tuesday and the big birthday party came to an end. And I think all people involved in it can be very proud of what they have achieved! There was already a sign with people to thank but I especially want to add Amalthea Blanc for organizing the whole art exhibition, Gonta Maltz, Spiderkitten Mirabeau and JayJay Talamasca for organizing the community events as well as the musical events to that list! Personally I also want to thank those people who have made that machinima event possible as there are Angrybeth Shortbread, Susi Spicoli, Aren Mandala, sandro Melnitz, moo Money, RacerX Gullwing, Pierce P., Robbie Dingo and illclan Productions (also around has been Paul Marino at these events btw. which was quite cool 🙂

There are lots more to thank, esp. all the artists and musicians and my goal is to have a complete list of people involved at the main event site for the video. So please send notecards with names and what they did to me!

The three torches
I also want to speak a little about the actual peak day, Friday. Many things went not really as expected, like laggy sims, a breakdown of the database server, protestors, crashing during Philip’s speech and so on. Many people have been disappointed by some or all of these issues but I want to say: Don’t be!! What you did was great and people do appreciate it (and I also plead to the protestors that they say so as it’s easy to criticize and it would be a sign that you’re not just reusing this event made by residents for your own purposes but also do appreciate their work. Actually you say that you protest for the residents)! I remind a little chat with Gwyneth Llewelyn at the evening of sunday when we discussed friday and she said (and she’s right with it) that it just was all what SL is about. It’s a still not 100% stable, it’s a changing system, it’s a society in continuous discussion, it’s hardware defects and the fact that the speech wasn’t really a speech with voice but instead a chat with the residents was maybe even a positive effect of it and hasn’t happened really for ages (according to her).
The monorail high in the sky
Maybe it should have been clear to us from the beginning that where Philip appears there will also be people protesting for something, be it pro umlauts or contra teens. I personally also wasn’t that annoyed by that as on a different level it’s quite entertaining. I was actually more annoyed by the breakdown of the db server and the subsequent login problems I had (can we do something about the login bottleneck, LL? Might be an issue with the growth we have right now). But well, that’s SL for ya and I got pasted parts of the speech to me.

So all in all I don’t think anybody needs to be unhappy. It was a great event, we had (and have still) great builds on the site, we had a fully packed event calender, we had 24/7 DJs/Musicians at the dance dome, we had lot’s of events around the birthday at individual sites, we had a great art exhibition, we had a great history showcase and so on.

Of course there also have been things which did not make it in time but this will probably always be the case (you finish one thing and have 10 new ideas on what can be improved then) and there are probably some things which could be done better next time but all in all it went quite smoothly IMHO. For me actually it was the first event of that scale (actually of any scale bigger then my home plot 😉 and next time there will be probably some things which can be done in preparation to handle stability (also from LL’s side as they should actually be aware of potential problems) and other issues.

But anyway, right now all people involved should be happy to have managed it quite well and thanks again to all of them. It was a great event!

The site btw will still be up until the 10th (as I have heard) although it seems strange now that it is so without people. But if you haven’t had a look yet at the site maybe do so before the end. Keep also in mind that all that has just been build in 10 days!

If you did build something at that site you might wanna make sure you have a copy of it as it’s not clear whether it’s returned or deleted and otherwise you should make sure to send me that notecard with names to thank now 🙂

I myself will prepare photos later and post them here. Video will take a while though as I will be out of town next week.

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One response

28 06 2006

very kind of you, Tao 🙂 ’twas a pleasure, really.

i’ll definitely help as much as i can with the artist names. everyone put on a great display and i’m really happy with how the space turned out. i’m only sad i wasn’t able to offer everyone who wanted to join the SL art celebration a spot…maybe next time around 🙂

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