Tao Takashi On Air, Birthdays and Protests

24 06 2006

Watch the video

This episode is about the peak day of the birthday party, the parade, the protesters and the doom of the database server..



4 responses

25 06 2006
Frans Charming

Haha, I loved the part infront of the login screen. 😀

25 06 2006
Merle Widget

Aw man, I was there for a minute or two at most just trying to find out what was going on and you caught me on video! Now it looks like I was one of the ones protesting, arrgh!

The part in front of the login screen really was nice though. =)

25 06 2006
Akela Talamasca

Tao, great work! I’d not seen your site before; now I’ll be reading you regularly!

27 06 2006
Prokofy Neva

Great job! I wish you had a nightly newscast for SL, it would be great!
Transcript of Philip’s appearance can be found here:


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