SLU/Snapzilla closed in protest

23 06 2006

So I just learned that Snapzilla is closed the whole day in protest of the recent registration changes. The quotation of the reasons behind this is attached but in short Cristiano (and others) fears that the removal of asking any billing information or other means of identification makes it impossible to keep minors and griefers out of the Second Life main grid.

I am still not sure what I think of the whole thing. On the one hand it’s cool to have an easier registration process as many of my friends had problems with giving their credit card information. So in general it can attract lots more users which is good IMHO.
OTOH it also opens the door to griefers etc. and we need to wait in order to see how much this thread will become a reality. But I actually doubt that being asked for a phone number or CC info will prevent kids or griefers to enter Second Life. Of course more need to be done to prevent big attacks on the grid and opening the process might even put more pressure on LL to do so (at least if there’s attack after attack coming).

It also need to be questioned if that has a big impact of LL or if people will be just annoyed by Snapzilla being gone for a reason they don’t get..

So all in all it’s probably just the normal forum drama which is going on here.. And honestly I must say that since now I never really had big problems with griefers and even if I’d have I can still come back later.. It’s not my only life after all.

To coincide with the third anniversary of Second Life’s launch on June 23rd, this site will be closed for the day in protest of recent changes made by Linden Lab to the registration requirements for Second Life. Specifically, Linden Lab without warning has removed any billing information requirements from the account creation process, which allows complete unrestricted access to Second Life by minor children and destructive users with no accountability and no ability to ban problem users. It exposes the residents of Second Life to unnecessary stress and even potential legal liability and is contrary to the advertised promise of an adults only service that users have subscribed to. Additionally, even the most basic of tools to help combat the increase in griefing incidents, fraud, and other problems that are occuring with alarming frequency are not yet in place, with no clear timeframe on when such functionality will be available. Until such time as these tools are adequately tested and made available, along with best effort safeguards to ensure that minor children are not easily gaining access to Second Life and its mature content, Linden Lab needs to roll back the registration changes. To not do so shows a complete reckless disregard for Linden Lab’s responsbility as an adult service provider to prevent access by children.

If you feel the issue of keeping minor children and destructive users out of Second Life is an urgent priorty, please contact Linden Lab via phone, email, and through the official Second Life forums to register your protest. I am proud to have served the Second Life community with Snapzilla for a year and a half now, and I thank all of you for your continued support. I have also been a proud supporter of Linden Lab and Second Life for the past three and a half years. Hopefully, collectively, we can bring about positive change on this extremely important issue.

– Cristiano N. Diaz / Site owner – Cristiano Midnight in SL

PS: Images sent to Snapzilla will not be lost but are only invisible for this day.

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23 06 2006
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