The Birthday starts!

22 06 2006

Watch the video

Second Life is 3 years old now and the birthday party just started! These are my first impressions of some dance dome events. Much more to come! 🙂



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23 06 2006
Torley Linden

Dayum! That was a FUN video… I like how you faded between styles and the fun titles you put–it was like one of those infomercials for classic record compilations, only *way* better.

Nice usage of that VNV track.

You know what it also reminded me of in an odd way? those old Amiga demo loaders.

I’m totally convinced now you could pull off a hyperkinetic, supersaturated 30-sec. spot jam-packed with meaningful morsels from your travels thus far. Just so many images coming at you at at time that the viewer has to watch, and re-watch to get the whole meaning!

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