Machinima meetup @ third birthday

22 06 2006

Today at 1PM SL time I scheduled a machinima event for the third birthday party at the Machinima Showcase on the birthday party site. I hope lots of machinima makers and machinima watchers will show up and I will make sure to also setup Robbie Dingo by then (he just contacted me in order to contribute).
Also around will be (just confirmed this) the guys from Tra5hta1k, so we’re hopefully having a great party! 🙂

Here’s a little map of the site:

Machinima Showcase Map
Unfortunately it’s outdated already as Aren Mandala unfortunately does not have time to do the video he wanted to so he will probably not take part in this. I still hope though he might find some time before the event ends.

Another event will be held on Sunday, 1PM (although without Tra5hta1k then).

So come over to the machinima showcase (SLurl)!

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25 06 2006
Tao’s Thoughts » New Machinima Meeting today

[…] The last meeting on thursday can be seen as a success and so we try again. Today, sunday at 1PM there will be another gathering of machinima makers and I hope lots of people will come! Attached is again the map of the event.   […]

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