Technology or Justice? Who’s in charge?

21 06 2006

So being busy with SL birthday organsation I unfortunately missed reading blogs or writing stuff. But things have moved on of course and so I at least want to mention one post by 3pointd,com. Mark is writing about IP handling in Second Life and about the question if it should be enforced by technology or not or if technology which possibly could circumvent the no-copy/no-trans switch should be released or not (speaking of an SL object exporter here). Well, I think the post is quite right at it's conclusion.

Holding back technology just because it might enable people to do bad things is probably no good idea as a) it will probably be created by other people anyway (the "bad" ones then, probably) and b) you also won't be able to use it for properly uses (like exporting your own objects, editing in Blender and reimporting them into SL).

Of course there's always the question if you follow a technology which might do great harm (extreme example: The BOMB) but I think the technology in question has as many valid uses as bad ones. And as the article explains, there are laws in place to go after the bad people around. It's also the same in RL, you cannot prevent copies of stuff anyway and that's what we have justice for so why should it be different in SL? People doing business in Second Life probably should take a note of that for the "Risks" section of their business plans.

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