Happy Birthday, Second Life!

21 06 2006

So it has been a bit quiet mainly because I was rather busy doing stuff for the Second Life three year birthday party. And actually it is starting today and will be held until sunday. There’s tons of events and there’s about 4 sims full of stuff to see (well, actually 6 sims, two for special events). It’s over at the vehicle sims, so you should come over and enjoy! We’ve got a huge art exhibition there (I blogged earlier about the realization of a painting of Vladimir Kush but there’s also a huge Dali painting realized with a melting clock on top), a community showcase (for which I managed the machinima part), a big history showcase with very cool stuff, a huge dance dome where lots of live music and DJ sets will be happening and birthday island with it’s center stage. Also have a look at that monorail connection all the areas (build by Lethe, Ordinal Malaprop and Merle Widget). Find it 50m above ground and there are teleport pads to the stops at the corners of the 4 sims and on birthday island. The Lindens already have been there yesterday (jumping around as if they were kids šŸ™‚ and Cyan Linden told me that there was a “DID YOU SEE THAT?” going around in LL’s office šŸ™‚

Praise for all of that to happen should go to Tateru Nino who stepped in to lead the main event organization and is doing an amazing job at that (although she should get more sleep!). So IM her with a “Woot!”. Of course many more people have been helping like Mera Pixel and Lethe Naumova with taking care of all the main building infrastructure, Seronis Zagato did the dance dome construction, Amalthea Blanc took care of the art exhibition organisation, Torley organized most of the Linden related stuff (among other things) and so on. Please have a look at the center stage for the helpers list and look in Mera’s post for more (not counting here all the people doing exhibitions and events, so make sure to check out all the exhibition and showcase areas as well).

I myself was busy organizing the machinima showcase, helping with the schedule and trying to build some information kiosk about which I also blogged earlier (it might even work now after I fixed (hopefully) the teleport script.). Unfortunately this did not leave any time for working on my own art exhibit in the way I’d liked it to be. So instead of having a multimedia experience people now just need to got with some photos of mine. Maybe I will find the next days to do some more. Otherwise there will always be some next event šŸ˜‰

Regarding Machinima we can be quite satisfied, I think. When I began setting things up at the site more and more people asked to join and that’s cool. Some of course did not come back to me or did not have time to do much. But I am glad we got Tra5hta1k in the boat. I met Frank Dellario who is producing the show with that cool avatar in-world and we set up some display for episode 8. He also promised to come over for some machinima event in that avatar (or maybe not him but at least that avatar) and the female one should come aswell. Attached is a photo of him at the machinima place. So the event is on June, 22 at 1pm at the machinima showcase area (will add SLUrls in an update). Cool guy, btw šŸ™‚
All in all we have now 10 display, maybe one more to be added for alt-zoom in general soon. Videos of moo Money, RacerX Gullwing, Aren Mandala, Pierce Portocarrero, Bedazzle/Linden Lab, Angrybeth Shortbread, sandro Melnitz, Susi Spicoli, illclan Productions and myself can be seen there (and as a sidenote, the alt-zoom festival got 21 people submitting movies this month, I think. Machinima is taking off?).

So to close this here, just go to the birthday site and look out for information kiosks or birthday signs. Click them to get the complete schedule (more or less as things can still change a little so please check back again). I also will spend the next days to do 1000s of photos and do some movie about the site before it’s deleted again (sniff…).

(lots of stuff which comes to mind which could be done better next time (like better collaboration tools) but let’s save that for another post šŸ™‚ )

Look at that package! a giant Airships approachs the 3rd Second Life birthday

Attached is the schedule notecard as of Torley’s post:

Second Life – Third Birthday
June 21 – June 25
[Schedule subject to change – Check back again!]
================================================== =====
Science Fiction Photo Contest – June 13 – June 25
================================================== =====
Resident Art and Sculpture Show – June 21 – June 25
================================================== =====

June 21
ALL DAY – Dreams Showcase at Dreams
NOON-2PM – (MUSIC) DJ Grax Bishop
2PM-3PM – (LIVE) DJ foxyfwlr
3PM – 5PM – (LIVE) Flaming Moe
4PM-9PM – Alliance Navy – Flight and combat demonstrations
5PM-6PM – (LIVE) Micala Lumiere
5PM-6PM – Discussion: SL, Dreams, and ShockProof: What’s the Connection? hosted by The Sojourner at Dreams
6PM-7PM – (LIVE) Jaycatt Nico
6PM-7PM – Class: How to Combat Lag hosted by Xandi Mars at Dreams
7PM-8PM – (MUSIC) DJ Tralos Westerburg
8PM-10PM – (MUSIC) DJ Chablis Kinsella
10PM-2AM – (MUSIC) DJ Logan Senior

June 22
ALL DAY – Dreams Showcase at Dreams
5AM-6AM – Discussion: SL, Dreams, and ShockProof: What’s the Connection? hosted by The Sojourner at Dreams
11AM-NOON – (MUSIC) Joella Nico
NOON-1PM – (LIVE) foxyflwr Cure
NOON-2PM – Art Show at the Art Gallery of Second Life in Pixel Dreams
1PM-3PM – (MUSIC) DJ swaffette Firefly
1PM-2PM – Talking Ethics: Originality, Creation and Intellectual Property Issues in a Virtual World
1PM-2PM – Machinimalicious – machinima show with a special appearance of illbixby off illclan
2PM-3:30PM – Neualtenburg Discussion
3PM-5PM – (MUSIC) DJ Drusilla Deledda
3:30PM-5PM Thinker’s Group Discussion – Topic: ‘Crowdsourcing’ – Supportforhealing sim
4PM-5PM – Discussion: How Diverse is Diversity joint hosted with Tom Bukowski/Digital Cultures at Dreams
5PM-6PM – (MUSIC) DJ Paige Montagne
5PM-6PM – Tringo hosted by Happy Dimsum at Dreams
6PM-7PM – (LIVE) Frogg Marlowe
6PM-7PM – Contest: Texturing Competition hosted by Xandi Mars at Dreams
7PM-8PM – (MUSIC) DJ Paige Montagne
7PM-8PM – Speech – Hamlet Au, centre stage “Walking the World”
8PM-10PM – “Womon Who Rock with DJ Queenie Extraordinaire featuring SL Trivia”

June 23
ALL DAY – Dreams Showcase at Dreams
ALL DAY – Academy of Second Learning – Day of Learning (see Appendix A for details)
NOON-2PM – Grand Parade – Mimi Therian.
2PM-3PM – Speech – Philip Linden, centre stage, third birthday celebration site.
3PM-4PM – Speech – Robin Linden, centre stage, third birthday celebration site.
3PM-4PM – (LIVE) Cylindrian Rutabaga
4PM-6PM – (MUSIC) DJ Adam Linden ā€“
4PM-5PM – Discussion: “Futures of Second Life” with Tom Bukowski
4PM-9PM – Alliance Navy – Flight and combat demonstrations Ėœ
5PM-6PM – Discussion: Live Help’s Top 20 hosted by Xandi Mars at Dreams Ā
6PM-9PM – Special Art Presentation with Dancoyote Antonelli (hourly in this period)
6PM-7PM – (LIVE) Melvin Took
7PM-8PM – (LIVE) Lyndon Heart
8PM-9PM – (LIVE) Juel Resistance
9PM-10PM – (LIVE) Rosedrop Rust & Black Sedan

June 24
ALL DAY – Dreams Showcase at Dreams
NOON-3PM – (MUSIC) DJ Malkav
1PM-2PM – The Port, Guided Tour by Angrybeth Shortbread
2PM-6PM – Alliance Navy – Flight and combat demonstrations
3PM-4PM – (LIVE) Bill and Pam Havercamp
3PM-3AM – Serenity Woods 12 Hour Mega-Party (furry event) Ā
4PM-5PM – “Things that we love in SL” Quest
4PM-5PM – (MUSIC) DJ Paige Montagne
4PM-4:15PM – Tour: Suffugium Sim
4PM-6PM – Suffugium Events: DJing on the stream by Gomi Mfume
4PM-5PM – Class: SL Finances and How You can make Money hosted by Xandi Mars at Dreams Ā
4PM-7PM – Caledon Community Showcase, Caldeon.
5PM-6PM – (MUSIC) DJ Ridered Grommet
5PM-5:15PM – Tour: Suffugium Sim
5PM-7PM – Contest: Prim-Sketch hosted by falldeaf Weeks at Dreams – Ā
6PM-8PM – (MUSIC) DJ Trisha Pinkerton
6PM-7PM – Fashion Show at Visage Agency
6PM-8PM – Suffugium Events: Jaycatt Nico and Frogg Marlowe live music performance at the Moonrise Cabaret
7PM-8PM – Talk: “Virtual Worlds: 10-Year Outlook” by Morse Dillon ā€œ
7PM-8PM – Party: After Party at Schmooze with Dj Tya Fallingbridge and DJ Chablis Kinsella featuring SL Trivia
8PM-10PM – (MUSIC) DJ Heaven (Morgan)
8PM-10:30PM – CHICKEN-RACER BUMPER CAR NITE in Port Neualtenburg
8PM-9:15PM – Tour: Suffugium Sim
10PM-11PM – (LIVE) Takamura Keiko

June 25
ALL DAY – Dreams Showcase at Dreams
ALL DAY – Open House at Brigadoon
NOON-1PM – (MUSIC) Shadow Trescothick
NOON – Discussion: Brigadoon and the Brigadoon Explorers: Who are they? hosted by The Sojourner, Amalthea Blanc and the Dooners at Brigadoon
1PM – Discussion: Thinkers Group – “Why do we residents spend so much time creating this world?”
1PM-1:30PM – The Port – Guided Tour & History of the Port Sim
1PM-2PM – Machinima Showcase
4PM – Science Fiction Photo Contest – Awards Ā
4PM-8PM – (MUSIC) DJ Stam Lagerlof
6PM – U2inSL, Dragon Moon Arena
8PM-9PM – Discussion: The State of Ethics in SL: Past, Present and Future

================================================== =====
Appendix A: Schedule of Day of Learning on Friday, June 23

Location: Academy of Second Learning

0600 Beach Bum Welcome Set Building with TaraJ Wake
0700 Be a Cool Noob with Sorcs Nolan
0800 New Resident Q&A Basics with Alix Fauna
0900 Cheese Boards Building with TaraJ Wake
1000 Goth Picture Holder Building with Alix Fauna
1100 Fountain Building with Callipygian Christensen

1200 War on Lag with Elinea Richard
100 Creative Building with Selaras Partridge
200 Artistic Water Design with Margot Abattoir (2 hour)
300 Artistic Water Design with Margot Abattoir
400 Flippy Flexiprim Skirt Building with Gypsy Gregoire
500 Wet Bar Building with Charles Coleman
600 Firepit Building with Nyx Divine
700 Scripting 111 with Orlie Omegamu
800 Gazebo Building with Charles Coleman (1/2 hour)
830 Build Your Skills with Pavo Axon (1 1/2 hour)
900 Build Your Skills with Pavo Axon
1000 Scripting 112 with Orlie Omegamu

================================================== =====
The Birthday Calendar is available in a number of ways:



Google Calendar:
(Search for Second Life Third Birthday)

Look at that package! a giant Airships approachs the 3rd Second Life birthday

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