Late Night with Eggy Lippmann

17 06 2006

Some of you might have noticed and some of you might even have attended! There’s a new show out there called “Late Night with Eggy Lippmann”. It’s a revival of the old show by Darwin Appleby. It happens at the Afton Lodge in the Afton sim and will feature different guests in each show. Think sort of Conan O’Brien.

Eggy asked me to film the show and so I did. And right now the third part of the first episode will be put online. Find these shows at the blog to the show!

Goals for the video

Eggy had initially the following goal: Record the show for historic purposes so people can watch them in, well, 10 years from now and see what was going on back then. The same would be cool today if we’d be able to watch the first primitar entering the world 😉
So he approached me to help him with it.

In the following discussion we added some more goals:

  • make as much stuff as possible during filiming in order to keep post production simple
  • make everything as easy and document it in order to get other people to do it as well as I won’t have time at every show
  • make the show a shorter than planned (from 1 hour to 30 minutes) in order to keep a) filesize small and b) people interested
  • split the show into 3 parts (each 10 mins == 1 guest) to meet the same requirements as above
  • add some sound effects like applause to get a real late night feeling

Of course not everything did work out for the first show so e.g. it was longer than 30 minutes and you cannot really split it into a separate part for each guest. Still we tried to do the 3 parts things although the second one is longer now.

But a bit more about the technical details maybe.

Camera angles

I’ve setup a little camera system with predefined camera angles using the new camera functions in LSL. I basically placed objects where I wanted the camera and focus to be and recorded them with a hotkey. So I have angles now for close-ups for all guests and Eggy and a total of all the guests. Later I will also add an angle for the audience. I created gestures for switching and put them onto hotkeys so I can quickly switch between them when recording. I will improve on that later to store these settings on a notecard instead of script memory where it’s easily lost. Some dolly shots for the audience might also be cool, I just wonder how complicated it might be to get these working as changing the cam position or focus via the camera function does not trigger the position or focus lag but switches directly. For the normal cuts that’s ok but it means that dolly shots are not possible with it.

Applause and other sounds

We wanted to have some sound like applause and laughter. On the first show time for doing much wasn’t available anymore but I want to improve on the next show. Basically my goal is to have a HUD for Eggy where he can trigger the effects which are located in objects close to my camera. Not a big deal but you still need a little time for it (and sounds ;-). So right now we only had 1 applause but next time we hopefully have more. That way you don’t need to add that later in post production

UI issues

As people were intended to do that via chat and not voice we needed to have the chat visible. So this means that we cannot disable the UI for recording as chat would be invisible, too. IMs were also a problem as you cannot be in busy mode for that as well. So I got an alt and did it with him. Moreover I selected the big chat font, disabled Music and Video to get rid of the boxes, switched off the toolbar and chat line and that’s it basically. In post production I still was cutting the Menu line away though but that’s a preset now.


For making video nicer I switched to Midnight and put some lights into the scene close to the guests and Eggy to make the video look better. That’s always a good idea if you don’t want to spend much time in post production to make things look better.


Of course a late night show should have a fitting intro. So I went to Midnight City and did a few photos there to use that. My original plan was to do some more video shooting at places with certain architecture in SL but I didn’t had time for that. So I will improve later on it. I will make the intro available to other people who want to record one show later.


As we mainly have chat and no big action except some shots we can go with a very low framerate and indeed I used 10 fps for that. This also increases processing speed quite a lot in post production. For the rest I used the usual settings as can be read in

Things to work on

Some issues I’ve pointed out above but there’s more. Like it’s still not very interesting sometimes to watch people type while waiting for the actual sentence. But in order to keep typing times small it would mean to do cutting in post production. This again might be a time consuming process in order to find the right spots. So I wonder if we can come up with some sort of marking mechanism during recording to point out where to cut. So some research might be necessary here.

Then I need more people to film it. So if you are willing to help please contact me. There’s not much to know, you will get the camera system and instructions on how to record and compress it later. I will also do the first ones together so I can notice where problems might arise in the process.

So that’s my little Late Night report. Attached are some photos from the first event. Look out for the next event which might even happen during the birthday party celebrations.

Aimee Weber

Catherine Omega

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2 responses

21 06 2006
Torley Linden

What would *really* rock is if you used your trademark Tao effects all over a video, like you do with a still picture. Altho I think a problem is with a lower resolution, things look grainier, fuzzier, and thus–not so contrasty. But it could still work. 🙂

18 10 2006

These are great pictures. I wish I had your mad photoshop skillz 🙂

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