Oh! I’ve won something :-)

16 06 2006

I just got informed by email that I have won Honorable Mention in the April/May 2006 Instructables Project Contest. As I only have one entry right now in there (How to do cell shading in Second Life). So what I’ve won is an Instructable T-Shirt. Unfortunately I am of course not the inventor of this technique but I saw Merle Widget doing it at Morris who himself learned it from somebody else. So I am wondering now who actually invented it. Maybe I should send the T-Shirt over then.
But in any case it’s maybe worth for you out there to put stuff on that side. It is a bit of work (I might even think that doing a instructions video is faster πŸ˜‰ but it also helps to spread the word and maybe even win something.

Check also out the Second Life group on that site for more cool tutorials and tips.

PS: now I am just wondering if there’s an SL version of that T-Shirt available πŸ˜‰

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One response

20 06 2006
Baba Yamamoto

I couldn’t tell you who did the first cell shaded prim, but it was well before the 2005 mark ;0

If I had to guess, maybe late 03/early 04

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