Wired reports about the flickr issue

14 06 2006

Recently I got interviewed by Wired about the flickr issue (blogged before about it here and here and here) and so did some other people. Now the article is online. Cool, that we finally have a more in-depth reply of somebody from flickr. Just some thoughts on that:

1. Stewart Butterfield says “The rationale is that when people do a global search on Flickr, they want to find photos,”. But then it makes not really sense to mark whole accounts as NIPSA (or not). Say if you have an account with 2200 photos and 1000 of them screenshots then it will not be marked and thus 1000 screenshots will still show up. And as said earlier, a better categorization might do here better anyway instead of blocking.

2. He further raised the spam flag when it came to uploading photos from the x-men event. Well, most eventy nowadays are commercial ones and I wonder why these should be banned then. My failing x-men search was also just one recent examples. The same is of course true for vloggercon right now. There’s further down a link to a flickr search on it but of course this won’t show all the photos (just cannot confirm it for mine but there are probably some more. And this is actually exactly the problem I have with it. Actually also pointed out in that article). I’d also see a difference here in big companies uploading their images and by people who just liked that event and did so (again I had no idea that this can be a problem..)

Again, I’d really like to continue using flickr and evangelize people about it. So I hope they will change things quickly so I can do that again (and I’d even buy a(nother) pro account *hint* πŸ˜‰

PS: and my name is Christian Scholz actually πŸ™‚

PPS: Thanks to Torley for telling me about that article πŸ™‚

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2 responses

14 06 2006
_notizen aus der provinz

Virtual World pics banned from Flickr – not “real” enough…

Flickr, the best service for picture hosting and -sharing, IMHO, which was bought by Yahoo last year, has a little-known policy that only a small part of one account holder pictures are allowed to be non-photografic or NIPSA (not in…

15 06 2006
Torley Linden

You got trackbacked! LOLZ I was just over on that site.

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