Birthday Party Site Building progress

14 06 2006

So I spent some time yesterday at the location where the 3rd Second Life Birthday Party will take place from June 22nd to 25th. It’s nice to slowly see things shaping up. So I finally got to see Mundy Harbinger’s Fireworks as well as the recreation of this Kush picture by Phyzz Fizz and SignpostMarv Martin. The results are really cool. I will have a look later at the other parts of the site.

egg Mundy Harbinger Fireworks by Mundy Harbinger Eggs and Clounds and sunshine

Me and my info kioskI also worked on some stuff, like the info kiosk we are going to use to inform people where events are happening. As the overall theme is retro-futuristic I was coming up with the design you can see to the left. So it will show upcoming events on the screen and you can browse through them with the next/prev buttons. Additionally a flashing sphere on the map will mark the location where that event is happening (map not be seen here, it’s on the upper side of the lower part). Clicking on the sphere will teleport you there.

Speaking of teleportation I still need to figure out how to do it the best way. llSitTarget() is not working as distances might be too far and teleporting across sim borders does not really work with it as animation break when arriving. So I tried warpPos from the forums which seemed to work quite well except that it takes a longer route than necessary. So might have to look into it which will probably not such a big problem as the overall geometry of the site is rather simple (6 sims in two rows). So hope to have it ready for the weekend.

Call for machinima

Moreover I am trying to contact all the machinima people in Second Life. So if you read this and I haven’t contacted you, please contact me. I posted it in the forum but here’s the deal again:

– You can show your movies on your own set
– You can build the set if you want to (and have time). It should be related to your machinima work.
– If you don’t want to build a set then we can provide one for you (a standard one more or less)
– If you want to contribute make sure your movie is not just on YouTube but also available as Quicktime, e.g. upload it on
– If you don’t have time to convert it please give us a link to your video so we can place a weblink in-world and people need to watch in inside a browser
– If you don’t have time for anything please give us at least the permission to show it

So please contact me if you have something made in Second Life, don’t be shy! 🙂 The more we have to show the better!

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