A picture becoming reality

14 06 2006

So in the beginning there was a painting by Vladimir Kush called “Sunrise at the ocean” which can be seen below.

But now for the birthday party Phyzz Fizz and SignpostMarv Martin are working on becoming this a reality, if just a virtual one.
So it’s amazing what they did so far and it’s not even finished. I took a photo and tried to postprocess it a little so it looks a bit more like a painting again and you can see the result below.

The Egg

I am very much looking forward to do the same with some better processing once it’s finished and maybe submit a virtual framed copy (or more) for an auction happening at the Second Life Relay For Life which is coming up soon.

Regarding the painting and it’s realization in Second Life shows very much the power of creative which can be found in that virtual world. It’s one thing to look at a painting and another to walk through it!

See this for yourself (more dada like art is just setup there while I write this) at the 3rd birthday event of Second Life, happening from June 21 to 25. Check also the signs all over Second Life telling the world about it!

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3 responses

15 06 2006
Torley Linden

My attribution was horribly misplaced, because I thought that original painting was by Salvador Dali. How embarrassed I am!

Your photo is awesomely colorful, Tao. I love the glow. Of course I do. It’s almost like one of those motivational posters. Phyzz and Marv certainly have the energy to drive things through.

15 06 2006

I really liked the painting. It will become my background today on my computer.


21 06 2006
Tao’s Thoughts » Happy Birthday, Second Life!

[…] So it has been a bit quiet mainly because I was rather busy doing stuff for the Second Life three year birthday party. And actually it is starting today and will be held until sunday. There’s tons of events and there’s about 4 sims full of stuff to see (well, actually 6 sims, two for special events). It’s over at the vehicle sims, so you should come over and enjoy! We’ve got a huge art exhibition there (I blogged earlier about the realization of a painting of Vladimir Kush but there’s also a huge Dali painting realized with a melting clock on top), a community showcase (for which I managed the machinima part), a big history showcase with very cool stuff, a huge dance dome where lots of live music and DJ sets will be happening and birthday island with it’s center stage. Also have a look at that monorail connection all the areas (build by Lethe, Ordinal Malaprop and Merle Widget). Find it 50m above ground and there are teleport pads to the stops at the corners of the 4 sims and on birthday island. The Lindens already have been there yesterday (jumping around as if they were kids and Cyan Linden told me that there was a “DID YOU SEE THAT?” going around in LL’s office […]

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