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12 06 2006

On IRC it was IIRC CrystalShard Foo who came up with Google Trends graphics and I thought I have a closer look on them.
Be aware though that I am not good at interpretation of such diagrams but I will try nevertheless.

So the first I searched for “Second Life” and I got this graph:

Trends Second Life

As “Second Life” probably is no term which is exclusively used for Linden Lab’s product, I also searched for “SecondLife” (one word):

Trends SecondLife

Now of course the question is what all this means. We can see at least:

  • Peaks are in both diagrams at the same spot.
  • We might assume that the usage of other meaning of “Second Life” might be steady or at least small rising due to more internet usage
  • Both diagrams point upwards.
  • On both diagrams we can see a huge peak at present time.

Looking at the news we can also see that it’s not completely unrelated, as E marks the passing of the 100.000 resident mark.

So what does it in general mean? It looks at least as if Second Life gets momentum esp. after looking at that last peak.

Now let’s look how Second Life compares to other platforms. Here we compare SecondLife (blue), IMVU (orange) and (red) (secondlife again one word):

Trends Second Life,, imvu

Here the same with “Second Life” (two words):

Trends SecondLife,, imvu

Some thoughts on this:

  • “imvu” might be a very special name which should not have any other meanings and thus the graph should be non-ambigous.
  • “” is probably a not so good name to search for, thus the question is if it can be searched for at all and if people really will use the term “”. So it might not really reflect the publicity of it. But it might show how important it is to choose a good name regarding search engines.
  • The “truth” for Second Life is probably inbetween the two versions. So hard to say where it stand compared to imvu which seems to be the best doing competitor so far (if you can compare these two platforms).
  • all platforms seem to have a recent growth. The question is if this is an increase in general interest in virtual platforms.

So I will stop with interpreting at this point and open the discussion 🙂

PS: A search for Active Worlds did not get any results in any spelling.

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3 responses

15 06 2006
Baba Yamamoto

I would say that “second life” almsot exclusivly relates to Second Life by Linden Lab. It seems odd that other references to “second life” would grow from almost nothing to such a peak along with Second Life’s growth.

16 06 2006
Second411 » Traffic Numbers

[…] I saw Tao’s Google Trends analysis today and was inspired to do some similar comparisons from Alexa data. […]

17 06 2006
Gwyneth Llewelyn

This is cool stuff 🙂 Almost as interesting as Sir Bruce’s charts at (although he has something against LL’s figures for active users and stopped logging SL since July 2005).

Thanks for doing this, Tao 🙂

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