Another flickr issue

8 06 2006

I just compared the Second Life group page on flickr when a) being logged in and b) being logged out and interestingly they differ.

So here is how it looks when being logged in:

And that’s how it looks when being logged out.

So apparently it shows 600 photos less when being logged out compared to when being logged in.
I actually noticed it when looking at my RSS aggregator which does have the RSS feed for the group subscribed so I can see when new photos are showing up. I was wondering why mine do not as I just recently did add them. So a bit of investigation and I come up with that difference in behavior also on the group page itself.

So is this now related to NIPSA?
As I am NIPSAd it might be NIPSA-related but must not be. I will ask the flickr folks about that. It might be a bug though as the NIPSA related part in the community guidelines say that NIPSA photos will still be visible in groups.

Whatever it is it adds to my actual annoyances with flickr and I wonder for what it actually still makes sense as many photos are missing even inside groups. And it’s not so much about my photos but all the photos of other people I will not get to see that way.

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14 06 2006
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