Second Life will soon be 3 years old!

7 06 2006

Well, I am not even half a year old in SL terms but SL itself will be 3 years old soon. A good reason to celebrate!
An in fact celebration planning is going on full speed led by Tateru Nino, Mera Pixel and Torley Linden.

Here is the quick info box:

Date: 21 June (Wednesday) to 25 June (Sunday), Peak at 23 June (Friday)

Location: Sims Bethel, Fortuna, Brilliant, Georgean

Theme: Mixed theme “Hooray for diversity” and “Looking towards the future”.

Lots will happen like birthday speeches by Philip and others, a birthday parade, discussion rounds, art exhibition, live music, dance are, machinima showcase, community showcase and much more.

For additional information visit the following links:

forum announcement (you need to be SL resident for this)
Tateru’s article
Torley article
Wiki page for Birthday planning
RSS feed and iCal feed for birthday Calendar

I myself are helping a bit with the planning and with machinima. Thus I will try the next days to get machinima creators together and get an infrastructure set up. So if you have done Machinima in Second Life please contact me via IM or email!

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