It’s 666!

7 06 2006

So some people might have noticed that yesterday it was 6/6/06. And now I learned from Cristiano Midnight that at the exact same day (yesterday that is) Snapzilla has reached 666 registered users!!!!!

So if that’s not freaky, then I don’t know what is 🙂

And regarding Snapzilla I was asking Cristiano whether it’s possible to add tags during upload from the client and he said “Yes” 🙂
So that’s very cool as I tend to forget to edit photos after upload.

So to add tags during upload, just put them into the From-Field in the upload dialog (where there’s usually your name, delete that first). Everything in there will be seen as comma-separated tags. I haven’t tried it yet myself as I am not online but it will be the first thing to do after I got home.

Snapzilla++ !

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One response

8 06 2006
Tao’s Thoughts » Updates on the “flickr hiding screenshots” case

[…] But now there’s another one: Snapzilla! Snapzilla has the unique killer feature of having that upload feature from within the client. You basically use the “Send Postcard” feature of Second Life but instead of sending it to a friend you send it to Snapzilla where it shows up in your photostream. The only problem for me here is right now that I cannot upload postprocessed photos which I usually like to do. But I learned yesterday that it’s on the way and there will be a new release soon. And you can even by now add tags to your photos while uploading! So depending on the next version maybe I really don’t need flickr for SL anymore. […]

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