HTML is slowly approaching

2 06 2006

So the first signs of HTML are appearing in Second Life with the latest update (1.10.1). So if you press F1 in your client today, then a HTML based Help page will appear. This is great in itself as it’s the end of the client internal help pages which never have been that great IMHO. Additionally it’s easy now for LL to update them without updating the client.

Of course people have gone further already and tried to change the homepage shown when pressing F1. Read about it here (Chandra Page) and here (SLOG). It basically explains how to change the settings in your client to achieve this. What’s missing now would be some way to define it via Second Life itself and I actually expect this to happen soon maybe in some different way.

But things do look promising as with the new HTTPRequest in LSL and the addition of showing HTML inside the client might mean that we’re soon having HTML on prims which would be groundbreaking and opening up millions of new possibilities.

For some more analysis of what’s happening or might happen I will give over to Gwyneth LLewelyn and her post 🙂

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