Places with an attitude

31 05 2006

I wrote earlier about the Regina Spektor Listening Kiosks here and while I think it is a great idea and surely a great implementation (I love that texture baking going on there) I wonder how one might go on from here. I think there’s still a lot of experimentation possible in how to present e.g. artists in SL.
So my main interest is here in how to create a maybe new listening or viewing experience. This of course does not need to be related to artists to be presented in SL but can be anything. Just make something with music and maybe video and create an experience!

So some ideas might be: use Video! use some abstract videos, scale them, move them around, do new stuff with ’em. Use some fitting music along and change objects and textures and movement maybe according to the overall mood or bpm of the music. Try out maybe rooms like I did with my Star Room and animate them.

I think there’s so much possible right now, it just needs to be created. Of course it’s not easy and a lot of work to make something feel right but the opportunity is right now to collect a lot of experience. I also would like to experiment myself a bit along that line but unfortunately my first land plot is filled up with other projects right now and as one would need music and video stream access it wouldn’t be possible in a sandbox. But I guess some people out there might have some land they can use and thus should be able to do so.

So it’s up to you out there! 🙂

Create something and show me and I will come with my video cam! 🙂

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