30 05 2006

Yes, there has been some silence on this blog (at least relative to last weeks posting frequency) and so I think I will write a little update of what’s going on.
Main reason for not posting more is basically being busy in-world in trying to build my first somewhat bigger project which I will call The Vlog Theatre. More on that will follow in a later post (when it’s ready for prime-time). So I will go on with some sort of diary-style here. I’ve heard that this might not be popular but as a real artist I don’t care about my audience of course 😉


I’ve also attended some events at the weekend. First I was quickly popping into that Dublin live music event (but wasn’t staying that long as it was again past my bedtime) and from what I seen there great music was going on! On the next day I visited FlipperPA Peregrine (finally met him “personally” and not just in chat) while they were having also some live music event with Kaklick Martin around at their place in Indigo as well as a photo exhibition with shots from within Second Life with the theme “unphotorealism” or something like that. Well I was invited to join that exhibition and so I did with my entry called “Nighttime” (to be seen here). I just wonder who has won the competition as I haven’t heard yet about it (probably not me 😉


Also on the weekend I got brainwashed. All I found in my pocket was the attached photo although I don’t know anymore who’s hand that is. I just remember him saying “The FIC is a myth, though” and the reply “I guess you have to say that”. After that I remember nothing anymore…


Also on this weekend (on sunday) was my attendance at the first of machinima classes held by BuhBuhCuh Fairchild of alt-zoom studios. Unfortunately the class on the advanced topics was a bit late for me but I hope that it will maybe held another time a bit earlier. But for everyone out there who wants to do video in SL you should go there and visit one of these classes!
At that event it was also when I met moo Money again and we talked about vlogging (which she seems also to start now, see her blog here). One result of the talk was the creation of a vlogger starter kit which can be soon found in-world for free. It consists of my microphone and two animations to move your head etc. like it can be seen in my vlog episodes. I am also planning to write a little bit together about how to do video in Second Life. You also can see that mic in action in moo’s blog. The cool thing is that she went further and utilized Crazy Talk to add mouth movements (which I wasn’t digging into back then and used the head movement instead which still probably looks ok if you’re not zooming too close). I still have to check it out this week! (although I believe that it only works with still images which might be a small drawback depending on the situation).

And regarding Machinima: There’s a lot going on it seems and attendance to the class was quite big. moo also said she was planning on doing a weekly meetup (she’s the community manager of alt-zoom studios after all) and I am looking forward to all the great video will hopefully be done soon!

BTW, if you don’t know what vlogging is: vlog stands for video blog and thus is a blog with video content inside (also called video podcast sometimes).


Yesterday I was visiting Pi again and saw Timeless and Chris creating some ships. Coming 30 mins later whole Pi seems to have evolved into some sort of sea, Timeless and Chris having swords and playing pirates while a mermaid was suddenly popping up in the water. Well, before you go looking, unfortunately everything is back to normal again. But it was fun indeed! 🙂 At least we had the opportunity for some photo shooting later. The first one who IMs me in-world about what the ad is about wins L$100! 🙂

and this morning
Of course it is always fun to get up very early in order to be able to visit Spin Martin at his Slackstreet sim in order to attend some concerts of SL musicians and the recording of the Eric Rice show. It was fun indeed but unfortunately I had to leave early as I had to catch a train in order to have some time to write this blog article 😉
I guess you can listen to that episode soon here and make sure to check out the next Slackstreet event next monday! (I believe it is happening each monday).

That’s for my wrapup of the last days! See ya soon in-world! 🙂

PS: I think I need to do more photos while I am attending events.. So remind me next time you see me 😉

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2 responses

31 05 2006
Torley Linden

SUCH. GREAT. PACKAGING. I want a vlogger kit!

31 05 2006

I am going to put it up on my land this evening. So look out for it 🙂

(will also make a post about it)

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