Episode 2 of “Yesterday in my Second Life” and episode 4 of “Tao Takashi On Air”

25 05 2006

I think I wrote some little summary once and I will do it again now. This one will feature:

– The release of Second Life 1.10
– The release of my Video Blog "Tao Takashi On Air" Episode 3
– On the search for lights
– Doing video at Club Camarilla
– Attending the rooftop meeting at the Federated Media Office

So as you might see this is quite some list and it was indeed a long day especially as I also had visit a client the whole day for my RL work.
So after coming back I was finishing episode 3 of my video part of this blog labeled "Tao Takashi on Air" for now. As I posted it you can see it two posts down from here or so. In the meanwhile the grid also was open again and I logged in to see how things are working now that we have lights and flexible prims. Of course I started experimenting with it immediately and built some cinema like room at my land plot (first floor) utilizing some lights. I then told some friends including Slim Warrior (of course as she was appearing in that video) and suddenly I had full house! While having a traffic from 1-10 usually I had 680 this morning as Slim Warrior kept bringing more and more fans around to watch it 🙂

I left them at some point to check out some places with lights which might have been built altready. I did this by looking at Snapzilla as there were more and more posts showing some lighted buildings. I more or less selected one randomly and landed at RacerX Gullwing's site, creator of fireworks and Castle Wars and probably much more (didn't know RacerX before but seems to be quite a cool guy :-). He did also show some of his movies to me which were quite cool and I in turn invited him to see my most recent episode at my place. Being back there I met Slim Warrior again with another group of fans.
So just checking out some photos on Snapzilla seems to be a cool way of getting new friends 🙂
(but actually the first thing that happened when visiting RacerX was a crash of my client while he was starting a firework 😉 )

Next event a little later was visiting Club Camarilla. There has been some break there and I was glad to hear that events were being held there again. I met lots of friends I haven't seen in a while and one of my first things was to tell people to switch to midnight while I was creating some moving lights and particle effects to create a cool atmosphere. Having done that I thought it might be nice to do another video again. So I did and you can see the results below.

Watch the video

Coming back from Club Camarilla to my plot I found the next group of fans and after they left I moved got an IM that the rooftop party at Federated Media is just starting (which was at 3am in my morning already actually but who cares, today if holiday here). So I also went there and met another bunch of cool people (from whom I knew some already from IRC), like Frans Charming, Aimee Weber, Hamlet of course, Hal9k Andalso, Games Prototype, Spin Martin (I meet him everywhere these days), Tateru Nino and many more. I will upload photos of them to flickr as soon as that screenshot issue is solved (or not, who knows) but some are attached already. It was a nice hangout of various people from Second Life and for doing some business with Federated Media you were also able to meet Lovisa Tackleberry who does the advertising for it. I guess Hamlet will write more about it later 😉

So all in all it was a very busy but nice day and I met a lot of new and interesting people which is always great! Hope to have some more of these days 🙂

PS: Spin Martin now called me the "Steve Garfield of the Metaverse" but I am not that sure that this is true 😉

Update: Hamlet's report is now online

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2 responses

30 05 2006
Torley Linden

Admirable video, and thanks for bringing such colorful magic to SL. I’ve got to visit Club Camarilla now–looks like there’s a sort of Egyptian motif going on.

I’m inclined to call you our very own Steve Garfield too!

P.S. I reallyreally like those pink-and-yellow stars! Custom particle textures are underrated; those “astral gears” that burst at around 3:18 are freakin’ awesome too.

31 05 2006

Well, Linden Lab brought that magic to Second Life, not me 😉 (well at least the possibility of that magic). And yes, Club Camarilla is all about being an egypt 😉

Regarding Steve Garfield: He’s done A LOT more, so I am not 😉

And regarding the particles: I always wanted to experiment a bit more with these. These Stars and snowflakes are just a little experiment. I imagine that with combining things like lights and particles and so on a lot can be achieved.

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