Millions Of Us releases locations of builds for Regina Spektor

24 05 2006

Reuben Steiger of Millions Of Us today revealed two locations at which the upcoming album of Regina Spektor can be listened to. As well summarized by Clickable Culture this is an event by Sire Records/Warner Brothers doing marketing for the new album of Regina Spektor in Second Life (although, as pointed out, people see this more as producing attention around it in real world). This event is apparently held before the actual release of the album which will happen on June 14th. You can read more about it by Reuben here.

AFAIK builds have been done by Aimee Webber and Green Fate and the first two can now be seen at Kasba and Chima. According to his blog the entire build changes depending on the mood of the songs. That sounds great and I directly was heading over to check it out. Both locations are actually basically the same so don’t expect to see different sets (as far as I discovered). Unfortunately I was directly orbited away at Kasba as have been some other people. A report has been filed so maybe somebody will look into that.
So what you see there is a nice loft like setting with a tape recorder in the back which allows you to change songs and according to the song also the settings. This involves changing the window sight and the textures of the room. Best is probably to check it out yourself but as SL might be down due to upgrade I have attached some photos.

What might be missing here is maybe some information what you’re actually seeing, e.g. it’s not obvious that it’s a prelistening to a yet to be released album and there’s also no information about release dates and where to buy it then on the location (a “Buy” or maybe “Add reminder” button would be niced). I’d like that because I also do like the music 🙂

Make also sure to listen to Reuben Steiger at where he talks a bit more about what such events in Second Life mean. His point there is that it’s maybe not so much about the existing SL population which is being addressed by these companies but instead they will use it as platform to bring their own audience into SL to experience that event. Thus such events might make SL grow although maybe parts of the new users will only be transient and will never look at Second Life again (until SL reaches world domination of course).

All in all a cool idea with a great implementation (look at that nice texture work with all the lights and shadows)! So check it out as soon as you can!

Regina Spektor Listening Location Regina Spektor Listening Location Regina Spektor Listening Location Regina Spektor Listening Location

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31 05 2006
Tao’s Thoughts » Moody Sets

[…] I wrote earlier about the Regina Spektor Listening Kiosks here and while I think it is a great idea and surely a great implementation (I love that texture baking going on there) I wonder how one might go on from here. I think there’s still a lot of experimentation possible in how to present e.g. artists in SL. So my main interest is here in how to create a maybe new listening or viewing experience. This of course does not need to be related to artists to be presented in SL but can be anything. Just make something with music and maybe video and create an experience! […]

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