Celebs in Second Life?

23 05 2006

Yesterday I more or less accidently discovered the red carpet event going on at the Avalon sim by reading New World Notes. Happening was a virtual premiere of the recent X-Men movie (“X-Men: The Last Stand”). The event was held by Fizik Baskerville in association with 20th Century Fox thus being an official marketing event for them. It featured streaming video from the actual red carpet at the premiere in Cannes. Additionally extended movie trailers have been shown. Nice thing was the design of the avalon sim featuring a red carpet itself and lots of well known SL folks showing up (turnout was great, sim full).

Among these have been Anshe Chung, Fizik Baskerville, Jeska and Babbage Linden, Torrid Midnight, Spin Martin, Barnesworth Anubis and many more. So can we speak of these as the “celebs” of Second Life? There are big differences here between RL and SL as in Second Life these people are more known for either their businesses or skills in creation (or being part of Linden Lab ;-). In Real Life this must not be true as most celebrities are usually marketing and media generated phenomena while e.g. the record company bosses are not among them. Being a celeb in RL also involves being known by a good portion of the population which is probably not true for Second Life and the named individuals above.

So why is this so? Probably because of the immanent structure in Second Life being maybe not mainly a consumption medium but also some of productions and especially interactivity. People do not sit around in front of their TVs and listen to who is important (I also wonder how many people actually do consume any SL related media at all). The majority probably has their individual group of friends etc. and does not care about any “celebs”.
For me this is a good thing as I don’t like hype (can happen and does of course nevertheless) but for the RL media it might be important if they want to apply their mechnisms in here. We even might speak of that crowd which met there as just another group of friend being informed by each other’s event and simply showing there up. Thus it makes these “celebs” even in terms of media hype to the rest of the SL population.

Speaking again of the event itself I missed the actual action as bed was calling but I was around long enough to make some photos and listen to Slim Warrior who was doing a live music event before the premiere started. I also did some (probably very laggy) video and will post this and the photos later.

Here’s for now a flickr list showing all photos on flickr tagged with secondlifexmen (added this tag to Pathfinder Linden’s photos). If you have some more please do also add this tag to make it show up.

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24 05 2006
Pathfinder Linden

Hi Tao. Sorry you missed the event! 😦

If you search flickr for “second life” and “xmen” you can find a lot of photos. http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=all&q=secondlife+xmen&m=text

18 07 2006
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