A new search engine is around!

23 05 2006

A new search engine is around! Created by Hal9k Andalso it works a bit like SLExchange or SLBoutique but without selling from the website and instead pointing to the shop in-world.

So here’s the procedure how to put your stuff into that search engine:

  • You get a second411 box from Hal9k’s location at Takalo (138,72,401).
  • You place that box in your store where you want visitors to appear (they get teleported 1 m above the box)
  • You put any items you want to be indexed into that box

It then indexes the names, the permissions and the location of an item (and maybe even more metadata) which is then searchable via second411.com. It lists that information as well as link to the location of the box to which you can teleport then. So this might be handy for people who don’t want to bother with first paying money to some webstore and purchase then. They now can search quickly on the website and still buy in-world.
So it’s a great addition and it’s even free to use 😉 Hal9k also plans to add more features and refactor it (e.g. using HTTP in the upcoming 1.10 release).

So everybody go over to Takalo (138,72,401), grab a box and index your stuff!

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3 responses

23 05 2006
Chandra Page

Just a note on Second Life URL links. It should be secondlife://Takalo/138/72/401 instead of http if you want it to open up in SL instead of the web browser.

23 05 2006

ah right, must have missed this. Will change this tomorrow, thanks for that hint!

12 06 2007

Another search engine:

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