Some news

21 05 2006

I finally took some time to write enhance my about pages. So now we have a page about myself and about this blog. Don’t know though if anybody really is interested 😉

Then I finally created stuff again and packed up for selling. So if you’re interested in a modern look coffee table, then this is for you. For $99 available at SLExchange or SLBoutique or at my Showroom.

Readers of my blog can get it for $50 by IMing me the promotional code “simply foobar” and paying me L$50 🙂

Satelite Robot

I also was starting some work on CCTV cameras today. My idea is to do some sort of art event with these. I am just wondering where I do it because my first land plot is a bit small (and full) and against doing it in a sandbox speaks that I would like to use some video or audio streams for it aswell. So we’ll see 🙂

Next work might be something on camera control or on video stuff in general but it’s sunday evening again and thus I might not have that much time for that.

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