Cheers to Vektor Linden

19 05 2006

Just because you hardly find any developer who is so much emotionally bound to the system he’s testing. So it happened at the Pile-On test in the preview grid two days ago when (according to him) he had lots of fun with all these over 100 people and was having a great time over all the tests. He also said that he needed the whole night to come down again.
This is very remarkable as it’s about software testing which is usually a more than boring task. But maybe it’s just Second Life where everything seems fun and customers actually come in masses to do tests. I wish I had such customers 🙂

But anyway, cheers to him for making it a fun thing (because we had fun, too) and let’s wish him (and the rest of the devs) good luck that they find and squeeze all the bugs!

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3 responses

20 05 2006
Torley Linden

Ooyeah! I gotta let Vek know this…

20 05 2006
Timeless Prototype

Yeah! Vektor rules!

21 08 2006
Tao’s Thoughts on Second Life » A new fun pile-on test is soon to happen!

[…] A while back I wrote about a fun event happening in preview and it’s soon to happen again. Today, August 21, 3pm SLT there will be another pile-on test with preview MC Vektor Linden So don’t miss it, get the most recent preview of 1.12 here and join the crowds to help testing stability of the upcoming release which will be deployed next wednesday. (and when you have done a pile-on before you might now that it’s all but boring ) […]

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