Pile on!

18 05 2006

So yesterday we have been in the preview grid to do a pile-on test. All I can say now is that it has been a lot of fun 🙂
Over 100 people have been there and we’ve done all the tests Vektor Linden told us do. I do not know yet about the result but for me everything seems to have worked well except some minor glitches. And after the give-inventory- and pay-an-avatar test it seems that Torley is now rich in both ways 🙂
(too bad just that these items won’t last the deployment to the main grid 😉

So hope not too many bugs have been discovered and releae 1.10.0 will be available soon. Maybe we will get some announcement this evening (for me) at that Townhall meeting.

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One response

19 05 2006

Tao that was too much fun. (L$$$$) When’s the next episode of your show coming out? You looked ALL READY to interview Philip today at the Town Hall. Put pictures of yourself here so everyone can see your awesome suit and starself!

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