Adam Curry is in da house and Steve Garfield is, too!

17 05 2006

So the father of podcasts is in the house, err, I mean Second Life. And he keeps talking about it in his Daily Sourcecode Shows. And he has a castle in Second Life. I just read about this on the SLOG blog and heard about this by a friend. So I went there yesterday to check it out and hey! 20 people (or even more) around and Adam himself. So discussion was going on a bit about podcasting and audio streaming in general and then Emma appeared from who we heard some stuff in one of the latest episodes (#386 it was). So the party started but I unfortunately had to go to bed.

But if you’re around, maybe check it out, cool people seem to be there all the time! Attached are some pics. His name in world btw is Adam Neumann.

Curry Castle

Speaking of that, he’s not alone. Also Steve Garfield seems to have made it into Second Life as you can see here in Hamlet’s post. (for those who don’t know who Steve Garfield is, he’s one of the first video bloggers out there and still very very active. Check him out!)

So the grassroots media seem to get more and more a hang of Second Life which is a good thing!

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One response

17 05 2006
Steve Garfield

Thanks for the link!

I’m just begining to explore Second Life and it’s a great source of inspiration.

Just made a very short video of me in SL this morning.

It’s a start.

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