when vacations get not really relaxing..

16 05 2006

I wonder if you, dear reader, are like me by having a hard time living without internet 😉

I was for vacation just 4 days (without internet that is) and somehow ideas for SL and other stuff just kept piling up in my head. I now converted it to some list but I am still missing all the time to do that. But I also noticed that I will probably have a hard time on a relaxing vacation as relaxing seems not really to be in my personal toolset 😉 (although for me relaxing probably is just different than laying on the beach.. This might also be nice sometimes but I think I cannot stand it two weeks ;-). With knowing Second Life now it even gets more of a problem as you need to be online in order to create something as it is compared to writing Python programs (though you might want to look something up sometimes).

I still wondering what I am posting about here but I think I just needed to say it 😉

Are there any similar experiences out there 🙂

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