Arcadia Expo Winners

16 05 2006

As written before I was on vacation for some days and while being there the Arcadia Expo came to an end. Coming back I wondered who actually did win but I could not find any announcement except that Ben Linden will announce it inworld (during that vacation unfortunately). So for all those interested, I found it somewhere buried in a thread on the Games forum. So for the record, here are the winners with points:

Tech Warfare: 614226
Danger Zone: 453091
Boogie Board: 171814
The Collective: 156950

Runner ups:
Castle Wars: 134010
Dark Life: 126306
BloxSL: 33752
SLictionary: 14015

For more information you might also want to listen to the two SecondCast episode 17 and episode 18 on Arcadia. I still wonder though why this wasn't announce more publically as the contest even was on the homepage back when it started.

Update: Hamlet Au now has a nice article about the winner, Tech Warfare 




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