Helping the helpless, possible at all? :-)

7 05 2006

So I was speaking with Tateru Nino the last days. I actually never did this before although I was linking to her blog. So it was time for it and we chatted a bit about helping people and the like (as this seems to be her business :-). Nice person, btw 🙂

So one question I actually had was why I never heard of Help Island before except from her blog. And I wondered if I maybe have missed it when I first logged on. And indeed I must have 🙂 My first day in SL is a bit blurry anyway and according to Tateru there should have been the decision to either go to mainland or go to Help Island (and later to the mainland). So I guess after seeing the parrot etc. I thought that more help is not needed and I want to see the real thing now.
Well, for me it worked, for other people it might not.. But as I cannot remember that decision anymore I also cannot tell if it could be made more obvious what to do 😉

I also proposed to Tateru that there maybe should be a possibility to get back to Help Island after hitting the mainland and she told me that they tried it with horrifying results as they got mature content, weapons and mass fights on the island. Probably not what you want to have there.

So how to help people then who might have made the wrong decision? I wonder if it might be possible to get back to help island but without your inventory (probably difficult on a technical level). Another way would be to have better help in-world.. Maybe you have but I never checked it out (speaking of Live Help). But I saw all the mentors around although I wonder if I dare to ask somebody of them a question as they seem to be busy with showing off.. That at least was my first impression when entering mainland: Lots of people, talking about whatever and you stand besides them and wonder what’s going on (figured out later ;-).
Maybe there are also too many terms in play, like Mentor, Greeter (never met one I think), Instructor, Live Help, Liason etc. Get’s a bit confusing..
And speaking of mentors I also had the situation when they were throwing some fireballs on me.. Or his friend, they weren’t quite clear about it when asking them.

On the good side is though that you find lots of helpful people rather quickly as soon as you left the WA 😉 I tend to find some in Morris who pointed me to the Shelter and to New Citizens Plaza or the Tower of Primitives.

So what I actually wanted to say is that one might be a bit confused when entering the world. I wonder if some in-world place like Help island might help (with some obvious hints to it) where only helping is taking place without all that meetup stuff like at the WA. But the example of Help island might have showed that this might not work when people are griefing in there (it might be no script, no build maybe).

So this was first some brainstorming. I will come back to it when I have the complete solution 😉




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8 05 2006

Not all Mentors behave badly. Quite a few do want to help. Quite a few also want to show off, unfortunately. It’s hard to get a good feel as there is no direction as of yet as to how a volunteer should behave. Most don’t realize that they are a representative of LL and should act accordingly. Help Island is not the only place volunteers work. If I’ve got my title up, I’m ready to help. If someone asks me a question, I’m there, no matter what I was doing. That’s how it’s supposed to be. We’re here to help anyone (not just new folks) with anything. That’s the point.

The Welcome Areas are the Help Island of the main grid. You experienced what happens when you open the door to anyone. It’s hard to provide assistance with the nonsense that happens in those areas, but we do try. Improvements are needed, but it’s all a learning process and there is hope, I think.

8 05 2006

Mera, I didn’t want to make your work bad or anything. I don’t know if I was able to express myself right. I know that there are many mentors around who really do help (and I also know some and also people who are not (yet) mentors but are doing a good work at helping people). And you are actually one of the prominent examples of it.

And basically I was trying to tell what my experiences were back then. I was also thinking about getting a mentor myself.

Regarding the welcome area Tateru also said that it’s the homepoint for many people so I wonder if a help zone on the main grid which is not automatically a homezone to people might help it.

Besides, it also took me a while to find the actual building area on the first day as I somehow oversaw the sign and all the entrances to these houses look quite the same.

I also know it’s a learning process and this is also the reason why I tried to tell what my experiences were in order to maybe change it somehow.

My plan is at least to hang out more in the WA and say Hello to new people arriving (if time permits that is of course).

2 08 2006

I’ve done the same thing, wondering about how to get to other places I opened the map and jumped, not realising I couldn’t get back to help island. Seems a bit stupid, a warning might’ve been nice.

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