Town Hall Meeting with Philip Linden and his voice!

7 04 2006

So last night (for me) there has been another town hall meeting with Philip Linden. This time they featured a voice conversation where you can call LindenLab via Skype and get your questions asked to Philip. All of this was streamed to the location.

Of course there have been some people with billboards around basically telling that they want no voice chat. Well, I am still undecided.

On the one hand there have been some technical problems like the sound was dropping or people having their own speaker still loud creating audio loops. Also there has been some pauses before the next resident could ask their question due to the manual queueing of the questions. So all in all the same information could come across also just by having a text chat, sometimes maybe even faster.

But all in all it’s of course one technology which is on the rise and in the future there will probably no way around that sort of chat inside SL itself. Philip even spoke about that in the last town hall meeting saying that they want to implement directional sound so you know who’s talking. But I guess this is some way still before we have that.

What I actually would like by then is to make it optional. Depending on the place from where I use SL I don’t really wanna talk out loud. I might not even wanna do that at home and people around looking strange at me 😉

The only question then is how it might work with a mixed set of communication channels, e.g. is somebody wants to talk and another one wants to write.

So regarding this question I’d say that it did not give that much more to the conversation as such but otoh it’s good they are getting into it because of the technology.




One response

20 04 2006
Leffard Lassard

Yes, I think that too that voice is inevitable as a technology. But I think that voice is not only communication, it’s also content (highly temporary) and culture. And the earlier we start with this form of content and culture the better we are in the future. In the secondlife forums there was a voice thread and I personally couldn’t believe that people were argumenting against voice (with their personal concerns). In a world, where content and culture and their diversity and richness is one of the major reasons to join it to leave a whole section of what enrichess a world out.

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