Oh man, I got land!

4 04 2006

So now it happened. Couldn’t live without it any longer 😉

This means I am now land owner in Second Life. And I must say that owning land also means that you’re far more into the life as before. What I mean with it is that you’re more and more seeing SL as sort of an alternative reality instead of just some game (which does not mean I am giving up RL now, so don’t be afraid 😉

But when you buy land you actually meet neighbours or maybe even before that people who are also searching for some first land (and later become your neighbour). You discuss which house might fit for others and you might go shopping with them for one.

So as you can see I cannot really complain about my neighbourhood and as you also can see I don’t speak about it like some virtual thingy. I wonder if I should be afraid of that 😉

OTOH it’s somewhat clear to me what’s happening here. Basically you never think about how much you’re rooted in your RL and your experiences there. But it comes more and more to mind when you start being in SL and maybe wondering at first why everything looks so much like Real Life.

So this is maybe also the reason why it seems hard for Hamlet Au to find some buildings which are not that much based on gravity and thus high in the sky (I don’t know if it counts here to just move your regular house high in the sky, this seems not really “natural”. You’d probably build completely different if you’d be able in RL to build high in the sky). It might also be the reason why first land looks so much like a new building area in RL. You can have the feeling there that lots of families are around you.

Well, I will see how my neighbourhood will evolve and I am actually very much looking forward to any change. I really wonder how fast this might happen. Maybe I won’t like it there anymore in the future but then I can still move somewhere else.
So if you wanna come visit me, just pop by at my place. I am using it actually as showroom for my products and not so much as living house (still I don’t think I really need that ;-). And saying that I think I should still visit sandboxes and put my Sandbox lounge up sometimes as there’s still more going on (at least creativity wise) than in some residential area (again something very RLish and I wouldn’t have thought of having such areas in a virtual world before joining one 😉

Tao's Showroom




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